Sunday, July 10

How to wear Premium Beautiful

Holla everbody !! This page will guide you on ways to wear the corset.
As you all know, 1 set of Premium Beautiful comes with 3 main parts which are :

1. Long Girdle (Seluar dalam panjang)
2. Long Bra (Coli panjang)
3. Waist Nipper (Bengkung)

Okay ladies, now let's learn the easiest way to wear PB !

1. Long Girdle (Seluar dalam panjang)

1. Fold the upper and lower part of the Girdle (waist and legs part).
2. Put the Girdle in as like you are wearing your undergarments.
3. Pull your excessive fat up so that the Girdle can shape up your brisket.
4. Correct the position until you feel comfortable.

2. Long Bra (Coli panjang)

1. Put in the bra (from front).
2. Pull in your breast into the bra cup and tied the hook at the back.
3. Lower your body to the front, slowly pull the excessive fats to the bra cup.
4. Adjust the bra strap and tidy up the bra cup until you feel comfortable.
5. Correct the bra position according to your comfort.

3. Waist Nipper (Bengkung)

1. Make sure the "gemstone" is in the middle of your body. Tied all the hook.
2. Correct the position (the hook is definitely at the sides of your body).
3. Hold both sides of the strap with your 2 hands.
4. Cross the strap at the back of your body, hold your breath, pull the strap (it will shape your waist) and bring the hook to the front.
5. Hook it according to your comfort. Make sure your are comfortable enough.

This PB sets will fasten the process of correcting your imaginary body posture and it is very easy to wear, without having you to spend a lot of time !!

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