Tuesday, July 12

PB's customer are Finally PREGNANT

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim ... 

Holla everybody !!

This is another testimonial taken from my leader's leader .. 
[ Noraini Ismail ]

Her customer a.k.a her business partner are now pregnant !!!
Alhamdulillah !!!

She's been trying for a year using traditional method ..
Got introduced to PB by Sis Noraini Ismail ..
She wore PB and wallahhhh !!!
She's got to get her dream body shape and now are confirmed PREGNANT !!!
Weehuuuuuuuuu !!!

" Congratulations sis Noriah Rusman ! All the best to you and your baby ! "

So ?? Tunggu ape lagi ??
Hurry up, contact me !!

+6019-6836956 / +6012-3643952

or /

Irdha Hakim

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