Monday, July 18

PB for MEN

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim..

Holla everybody !!
It's been a while since my last post .. Been busy with work and stuffs ..
But no worries ! I am still here updating my blog again and again .. Hehe ;)

Ok, back to the future !


Answer : YES !!! THEY CAN !!!

Which one you want ??

This one ??


This one ?? Uuuuuuu awesome !!!!!!

Solution : Wear Premium Beautiful and say goodbye to your potbelly !!!

What you just need is the Waist Nipper !

and definitely the potbelly will run away !!

Before wearing PB : After wearing PB

Other benefits : 
(a) Backache
(b) Slip Disc
(c) Hunch problem
(d) Lumbago (sakit pinggang)
(e) and definitely for your Potbelly !!!

The price : RM 676.00 to RM 744.00
[ Cash / Credit Card ]

Say goodbye to your potbelly now !!
Grab your best solution to your POTBELLY !!

Call / SMS / Email  me A.S.A.P
Click here to contact me !

Take care,
Irdha Hakim

Thursday, July 14

Premium Beautiful Promo

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim ..

Holla everybody !!

The Mega SALE is back !! Hehe ..

As for the launching of HOLLAND + BELGIUM package this July, company is now announcing the CASH REBATE with every purchasing of Premium Beautiful, you are within reason to get a REBATE of RM150 !!

The great offer is back !! Yayyy !!

Price BEFORE rebate: RM2400 [S]
RM2600 [B]

Price AFTER rebate: RM1780 [S]
RM2000 [B]

You can buy it using CASH or CREDIT CARD ..
Or can loan with RHB EASY ..

RHB Easy Payment Schedule : Just need to bring MyKad for application

Payment Methods :

CASH = Bank in to my Maybank Account and I will post your PB right to your doorstep with FOC. *call / sms me for Account Number*

CREDIT CARD = Fill up the form that I'd emailed. Please email back the filled up form to

RHB EASY = Go to RHB Easy Kiosk near your area and don't forget to bring along your MyKad

Interested ?
Contact me as details below ...


Tuesday, July 12

PB's customer are Finally PREGNANT

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim ... 

Holla everybody !!

This is another testimonial taken from my leader's leader .. 
[ Noraini Ismail ]

Her customer a.k.a her business partner are now pregnant !!!
Alhamdulillah !!!

She's been trying for a year using traditional method ..
Got introduced to PB by Sis Noraini Ismail ..
She wore PB and wallahhhh !!!
She's got to get her dream body shape and now are confirmed PREGNANT !!!
Weehuuuuuuuuu !!!

" Congratulations sis Noriah Rusman ! All the best to you and your baby ! "

So ?? Tunggu ape lagi ??
Hurry up, contact me !!

+6019-6836956 / +6012-3643952

or /

Irdha Hakim

The Comfortable PB

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim...

Holla everybody !! Let's see what my very closest friend gotta say about PB !!

She gave birth to a handsome-baby-boy and she's been using PB during her confinement session !!

She said that she was just using PB for one day [after her delivery]
And she's feeling COMFORTABLE with PB !!

It means that = PB is NOT JUST AN ORDINARY CORSET ! It's a very good set of corset !!

To new-mommy(s) all around Malaysia, call me and grab your PB set now !!

p/s : untuk ANAK DARA pun boleh .. tak jadi masalah la hehe

Click HERE to contact me !!

PB Cash Rebate

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim..

Holla everybody !!

Good news !! good news !!
For those Muslim's who are looking for more DUIT RAYA !!
Raya is coming soon kan ???

Come, come, let me tell you 1 thing !!

To those who joined this PB business this month (July) will surely get
BONUS from RM225 - RM4500 !!!!

Wowwwww !!! That's a lot of money $$$$$ !!!!!

It's a "good-great-best-beautiful-pretty-handsom" chances for you guys .. No need to wait until end of the month for the "GAJI" ! In the middle of the month also can shopping what !!

Contact me for details .. Hurry up !! Don't miss it !!

Just click HERE to contact me !!

Sunday, July 10

What is Premium Beautiful?

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim .. 

Holla everybody ! This entry will explain to you What is Premium Beautiful in a very simple ways !!
Let's roll !!

PB is a set of Corset

70% for H.E.A.L.T.H
30% for S.L.I.M

Great price, free trial and consultation.

Not yet Married - for your health of coz !!
Married - looking Premiumly Beautiful for your hubby !!
Confinement - can get back your dream body-shape !!

Multipurpose !!

Can wear it anytime, anywhere, everytime, everywhere !
Ripped out ? Extracted hook ?


Come on, contact me A.S.A.P !!
You don't wanna miss this baby !!

+6012 - 3643952 / +6019 - 6836956
or /

How to wear Premium Beautiful

Holla everbody !! This page will guide you on ways to wear the corset.
As you all know, 1 set of Premium Beautiful comes with 3 main parts which are :

1. Long Girdle (Seluar dalam panjang)
2. Long Bra (Coli panjang)
3. Waist Nipper (Bengkung)

Okay ladies, now let's learn the easiest way to wear PB !

1. Long Girdle (Seluar dalam panjang)

1. Fold the upper and lower part of the Girdle (waist and legs part).
2. Put the Girdle in as like you are wearing your undergarments.
3. Pull your excessive fat up so that the Girdle can shape up your brisket.
4. Correct the position until you feel comfortable.

2. Long Bra (Coli panjang)

1. Put in the bra (from front).
2. Pull in your breast into the bra cup and tied the hook at the back.
3. Lower your body to the front, slowly pull the excessive fats to the bra cup.
4. Adjust the bra strap and tidy up the bra cup until you feel comfortable.
5. Correct the bra position according to your comfort.

3. Waist Nipper (Bengkung)

1. Make sure the "gemstone" is in the middle of your body. Tied all the hook.
2. Correct the position (the hook is definitely at the sides of your body).
3. Hold both sides of the strap with your 2 hands.
4. Cross the strap at the back of your body, hold your breath, pull the strap (it will shape your waist) and bring the hook to the front.
5. Hook it according to your comfort. Make sure your are comfortable enough.

This PB sets will fasten the process of correcting your imaginary body posture and it is very easy to wear, without having you to spend a lot of time !!

More info, please Contact Me

* If you find it difficult to understand English, we always have Bahasa Melayu sites. Just click here *

Saturday, July 9

Introduction - A Brand New Life

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim ..

Hello everyone ! I'm back with this blogging thingy ! But this time it will not be the just-for-fun blogging .. I'll be generating money through this thing ! I'm going to be a businesswoman, guys !! Haha hopefully this time Allah will "murahkan lagi rezeki" for me to build up a new and better life.. InsyaAllah..

Success only come to those who are trying hard to get to it.. I've decided not to waste anymore time but involving myself to this business.. InsyaAllah, I'll try my very best to achieve what all my leaders had achieved today!

For your info guys, I'd deleted all my posts before.. What past is past.. This blog has been created since the year of 2008.. And it's been almost 5yrs now.. No more play-play okay! Starting today, all the entry will be a brand new one!

Okay ladies and gents, fasten your seatbelts! Have fun on the flight!