Saturday, July 9

Introduction - A Brand New Life

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim ..

Hello everyone ! I'm back with this blogging thingy ! But this time it will not be the just-for-fun blogging .. I'll be generating money through this thing ! I'm going to be a businesswoman, guys !! Haha hopefully this time Allah will "murahkan lagi rezeki" for me to build up a new and better life.. InsyaAllah..

Success only come to those who are trying hard to get to it.. I've decided not to waste anymore time but involving myself to this business.. InsyaAllah, I'll try my very best to achieve what all my leaders had achieved today!

For your info guys, I'd deleted all my posts before.. What past is past.. This blog has been created since the year of 2008.. And it's been almost 5yrs now.. No more play-play okay! Starting today, all the entry will be a brand new one!

Okay ladies and gents, fasten your seatbelts! Have fun on the flight!


mama-anis said...

wah3..menarik lah.pas ni jd bisneswomen lah ye.mudah-mudahan success.

Irdha Hakim said...

insyaAllah..mehla join biz skali! hehe